Friday, November 22, 2013

I'm Gonna Be Published (soon)!

It's overwhelming and unimaginable! I still can't believe it! Now I know how it feels like for authors whose works get published. It's like an electrical charge and you just don't want it to stop!

I signed up as a trainee writer for Bookworms Realm Digital Publishing (you can visit their site here) and they are pretty awesome ladies who would help and mold you into a better writer. I chatted with the CEO (Ms. Kaye Cee) and gave her a few chapters of my novel, and lo and behold! You might see my book in National Bookstore by 2014!

I'm still writing but I'm hoping I'll be done by the end of December.  2014 you are my year!


Here's the summary of my book, We Who Love:

Isabella would rather be called Ling. She's eighteen-years-old and lives in the far rural areas of the urbanized city of Davao, Philippines. Her mother and younger sister left her and her Papa ten years ago, and she's looking for the woman who tore her family apart, the same woman whom she was named after by her Papa, Marco.

Isabella was Joshua's mother's name. Joshua's twenty-three-years-old and lives near the downtown area of Davao City. His mother was a bitch and she deserved to die. Too bad she died by her own hand and not his. He has questions though, a lot of them, and Marco, his mother's ex-lover, might just be the only person who can give him the right answers. Problem is: he doesn't know where Marco is.

Two young people forced together by hate, vengeance, questions, and closure. They plummet into the most unconventional and hardest ways of falling in love. When love is the only certain thing they have left, an explosive secret could probably tear these two apart. 

The terrible truth of their parents' past might just bite Ling and Joshua harder than they could expect.


And here's a snippet of chapter 10: 

“Hey,” Bianca called.

I snapped my eyes to her. “What?”

She grazed her tongue around her lips and gave me a good view of her breasts. “How about a threesome next time? I'm sure Alicia would like it.”

I chuckled. “Babe, I don't want to be your booty call.”

“Then, call me if you want me to be your booty call,” she said, biting her bottom lip and wiggling her brows. I wondered if she was trying to be a porn star in some lame, homemade porn movie. Because if she was, she succeeded in giving me a boner.



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