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Book Blitz: The Watcher by Lisa Voisin

The Watcher by Lisa Voisin

Release Date: 03/04/13

Summary from Goodreads:

Millennia ago, he fell from heaven for her.Can he face her without falling again?

Fascinated with ancient civilizations, seventeen-year-old Mia Crawford dreams
of becoming an archaeologist. She also dreams of wings—soft and silent like
snow—and somebody trying to steal them.

When a horrible creature appears out of thin air and attacks her, she knows
Michael Fontaine is involved, though he claims to know nothing about it.
Secretive and aloof, Michael evokes feelings in Mia that she doesn’t
understand. Images of another time and place haunt her. She recognizes them—but
not from any textbook.

In search of the truth, Mia discovers a past life of forbidden love, jealousy
and revenge that tore an angel from Heaven and sent her to an early grave. Now
that her soul has returned, does she have a chance at loving that angel again?
Or will an age-old nemesis destroy them both?

Ancient history is only the beginning.


Available from:

 photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg  photo 111AD205-AA04-4F9E-A0F4-C1264C4E9F30-1855-000001A1E8CEB6D7_zps9b730b94.jpg

Praise for The Watcher:

"Voisin's THE WATCHER blends
paranormal mystery and romance into a book that is sure to keep readers turning
the pages late into the night."

-- Eileen Cook, author of THE ALMOST

"Perfect for fans of angels and
demons, Lisa Voisin has created an uplifting tale of redemption, love, and
spirituality that gives hope. Never preachy, THE WATCHER is the perfect answer
to critics who claim Young Adult literature is too dark."

-- Stephanie Lawton, author of WANT and

"The Watcher is stunning! A
paranormal romance that you won't want to put down. Voisin will enthrall you
until the very last page."

-- Stephanie Keyes, author, THE STAR
CHILD series

 "Grips the reader, pulls them in and leaves
them cheering for good!"

-- InD'tale Magazine

“The Watcher is my favorite angel
fiction tale yet.”

-- Katrina @Kindred Dreamheart

“This book is phenomenal! I was hooked
in right away and didn't want to stop.”

-- Michelle @Michelle’s Paranormal Vault



A Canadian-born author, Lisa Voisin spent her childhood daydreaming and making up
stories, but it was her love of reading and writing in her teens that drew her
to Young Adult fiction. In her spare time, she teaches meditation.
So when she's not writing, you'll find her meditating or hiking in the
mountains to counter the side effects of drinking too much coffee. She lives in
Vancouver, B.C. with her fiance and their two cats.


Author Links:

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Seraphina Parrish Trilogy Book Tour + Review + Giveaway

Seraphina Parrish Trilogy Tour Banner


Title: Wander Dust

Series: Seraphina Parrish Trilogy # 1

By: Michelle Warren

Publication Date: November 30, 2013

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Time Travel/Romance

Blurb: Ever since her sixteenth birthday, strange things keep happening to Seraphina Parrish. Unexplainable premonitions catapult her to faraway cities. A street gang wants to kill her, and a beautiful, mysterious boy stalks her.

But when Sera moves to Chicago, and her aunt reveals their family connection to a centuries old, secret society, she’s immediately thrust into an unbelievable fantasy world, leading her on a quest to unravel the mysteries that plague her. In the end, their meanings crash into an epic struggle of loyalty and betrayal, and she’ll be forced to choose between the boy who has stolen her heart and the thing she desires most.

Wander Dust is the breathtaking fantasy that will catapult you through a story of time, adventure, and love.

Goodreads||Book Trailer||Amazon Kindle||Barnes & Noble Nook||Smashwords||Amazon Paperback||Barnes & Noble Paperback


Title: Protecting Truth

Series: Seraphina Parrish Trilogy # 2

By: Michelle Warren

Publication Date: September 19th, 2012

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Time Travel/Romance

Blurb: Seraphina’s keeping a secret from her Wandering team: she’s perfecting her fighting skills. But telling Sam and Bishop the truth would only alert them to her plan: to go back in time, save her mom, and finish what she started. With the help of Turner, Bishop’s handsome twin, she progresses toward her goal but plummets deeper into dangerous territory where the lines of friendship and romance are blurred. One passionate kiss changes everything, leading Sera to unravel a shocking web of family secrets, heartbreaking ulterior motives, and sinister agendas. Love and lies collide in a haunting climax, where the truest souls may not survive.

Goodreads||Amazon Kindle||Amazon Paperback||Barnes & Noble Nook-


Title: Seeing Light

Series: Seraphina Parrish Trilogy # 3

By: Michelle Warren

Publication Date: October 10th, 2013

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Time Travel/Romance

Blurb: As the corruption of the Society intensifies and the questions surrounding her mother mount, Seraphina Parrish embarks on a journey to find Terease in the terrifying Wandering city of Nocturna. But the information she learns there only sends her team on a dangerous mission to fulfill an ancient prophecy. Delving deep into the disturbing secrets of their world, the revelations quickly unravel, revealing shocking truths about the Society and Sera’s life. In the end, power and courage clash in a mission for freedom that may shatter the Wandering world completely.

Goodreads||Book Trailer



I was given the opportunity to receive a free copy of Wander Dust for an honest review.

Wander Dust had a lot of potential to become an exciting series. It had adventure, action, romance, and mystery. What didn't seem to fit right was Seraphina. She felt a little bland to me, a little like Kristen Stuart playing as Bella Swan. In the beginning of the book, she seemed disconnected, aloof, nonchalant. I had a struggle liking her as the heroine of the series. Another issue of mine was the flow of the story. There were times I would be caught off guard when one scene jumped to all whole new other scene. "Malik-mata" or in English "mirage" . Those instances where scene jumping occurred, I called them "malik-mata". It took me three chapters to get used to the jumping scenes. My last issue would be the writing style itself. It felt a little draggy and at times snooze-worthy. But thankfully, four chapters later I came to be okay with the style.

Set in a world unknown to me, the author did a great job describing every little detail to make me feel I was actually and really part of this foreign land. Lo and behold! As the story progressed so did my like for Seraphina. She slowly developed into a heroine who could kick butt. And the romance? Ahihihi. It can melt your bone marrow!

The conclusion of the book could definitely make you pause, recall all the best scenes you love, and whine for the next installment!




Michelle Warren

Michelle Warren is the author of the Seraphina Parrish Trilogy. She didn't travel the road to writer immediately. She spent over a decade as professional Illustrator and designer. Her artistic creativity combined with her love of science fiction, paranormal and fantasy led her to write her first YA novel, Wander Dust. Michelle loves reading and traveling to places that inspire her to create. She resides in downtown Chicago, not far from her imaginary Wandering world.

Website||Facebook||Goodreads||Twitter||Amazon Author Page ||YouTube Channel||Pinterest

Pinterest Boards: Wander Dust||Protecting Truth||Seeing Light




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Silent Echo Book Blitz

 Silent-Echo-A-Sirens-Tale-Diversion-BooksTitle:  Silent Echo: A Siren’s Tale

Series: Silent Echo Trilogy # 1

By: Elisa Freilich

Publication Date: September 2013

Published By: Diversion Books

Genre: YA Fantasy/Paranormal

Blurb: Silence was Portia Griffin’s nemesis. In a world where teens never cease to speak their minds, the sixteen year old Portia, rendered mysteriously mute at birth, has opted out of the mainstream conversation.   Instead, this silent sophomore at Ridgewood Preparatory Academy finds solace in her keen love of music and bizarre obsession with birds.  And it doesn’t hurt that her best friend, Felix Fein, deaf at the age of eight, couldn’t care less whether or not she is able to execute the spoken word.

But Portia’s world is about to change – and not necessarily for the better.

After sixteen silent years, Portia is suddenly gifted with a voice unparalleled in its purity and powers. Her new ability to persuade, to seduce and to destroy with her voice alone sends Portia on a search for answers she never imagined she’d have to accept.



Amazon Paperback-



Barnes & Noble Paperback-






Elisa Freilich

Elisa Freilich has enjoyed a love affair with language from her earliest days. Raised in rural Monsey, New York, Elisa spent her days reading whatever crossed her path and developing a keen appreciation for the ever-present music in her home – from classical to rock. French lessons and creative writing workshops complemented her adolescence, which was also greatly enhanced by a summer spent abroad at Cambridge University. From the time she could read and write, Elisa could often be found composing poems, song lyrics and satirical newspapers.

After her college years at Boston University, Elisa continued her creative pursuits, working as a junior VP of Marketing at a corporate graphic design agency and, later, as an interior decorator. Eventually, Elisa left the workforce to raise her family, in her now hometown of Englewood, NJ.

Throughout the years, Elisa has retained her devotion to all genres of books and music and was determined to synthesize her passions into one refreshing and original platform. The result is her debut novel, SILENT ECHO: A Siren’s Tale, which will be published by Diversion Books in Summer 2013. With her own lyrical style, Elisa has created a world that young adults around the globe will find intensely gripping and refreshingly original.

When Elisa is not writing, her creative outlets still abound. She is fierce with a set of knitting needles, a hot glue gun and any ingredients that can somehow be fashioned into a sinful and highly caloric babka.








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Legend of Me and The Winter People Cover Reveal + Excerpt + Giveaway!

Today Rebekah
Purdy and Entangled Teen are revealing the covers for LEGEND OF ME, releasing in early 2014. And THE WINTER PEOPLE, releasing July 1, 2014! Check out the gorgeous covers, exclusive excerpts, and enter to win an eARC of each!

On to the




the Book


Author: Rebekah Purdy

Release Date: Early 2014

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Sixteen-year-old Brielle has grown up hearing tales of a beast that kills humans, leaving behind only a scattering of bones and limbs. Or so the village elders say. She thinks it’s just their way of keeping children in line, though it doesn’t explain her grisly premonitions of blood, claws, and severed heads.

When Lord Kenrick, Knight of the Crowhurst Order, shows up asking questions about the legendary monster and Brielle finds a mangled body in the woods, she begins to wonder if the grim stories are true. Her attraction to the handsome knight grows as she spends time with him searching for clues to the creature’s existence, and she becomes even more determined to help him discover the beast’s location.

But as her seventeenth birthday approaches, her nightmares worsen. If Brielle doesn’t figure out the connection between
Kenrick, the monster, and visions of a ghostly woman in the woods soon, more people could die. Including those closest to her…

Exclusive Excerpt!


Brambles scratched my legs, snagging my skirt. Gnarled trees bent in gruesome forms, while thick shadows splayed out beneath them. A heavy gloom settled over the woodland as wisps of fog slithered like snakes against the ground. I shivered.


Don’t think. I picked an animal trail to follow, stepping over dead branches and forest debris. Blood pounded in my ears and the hair on the back of my neck prickled. I twisted around to glance behind me.


Nothing there. Only the trees. Urgency gripped hold of me and I picked up my pace once more. As I scrambled through the thicket, an overwhelming scent of rotten meat made me gag. I covered my mouth with my hand and stopped running when a bright red piece of fabric caught my eye. With hesitant steps, I moved toward it.


“Oh God.” I stumbled. There, sticking out from beneath a barberry bush was a severed arm, its finger pointed at me in accusation. My breath came in gasps as I scanned the rest of the clearing.


My foot nudged against something and I looked down in horror to find the head of Liam Gatekeeper staring up at me.


I screamed, backing away as fast as I could. All around me were pieces of his body scattered like breadcrumbs. I shielded my eyes with my hands, until I bumped into something else.


With another scream, I whipped around only to find myself faced with an oak tree covered in dried blood and deep claw marks. My vision darkened and I prayed I wouldn’t faint, that I wouldn’t be stuck in the woods. Because somewhere out here, a monster lurked. If I didn’t believe it before, I did now. The beast was real.



the Book


Author: Rebekah Purdy

Release Date: July 1, 2014

Publisher: Entangled Teen

Pages: 320

ISBN: 978-1622663682

An engrossing, complex, romantic fantasy perfect for
fans of Kristin Cashore or Maggie Stiefvater, set in a wholly unique world.

Salome Montgomery fears winter—the cold, the snow,
the ice, but most of all, the frozen pond she fell through as a child. Haunted
by the voices and images of the strange beings that pulled her to safety, she
hasn’t forgotten their warning to "stay away." For eleven years, she
has avoided the winter woods, the pond, and the darkness that lurks nearby. But
when failing health takes her grandparents to Arizona, she is left in charge of
maintaining their estate. This includes the "special gifts" that must
be left at the back of the property.

Salome discovers she’s a key player in a world she’s
tried for years to avoid. At the center of this world is the strange and beautiful
Nevin, who she finds trespassing on her family’s property. Cursed with dark
secrets and knowledge of the creatures in the woods, his interactions with
Salome take her life in a new direction. A direction where she’ll have to
decide between her longtime crush Colton, who could cure her fear of winter. Or
Nevin who, along with an appointed bodyguard, Gareth, protects her from the
darkness that swirls in the snowy backdrop. An evil that, given the chance,
will kill her.

Exclusive Excerpt!


The sky darkened with ominous storm clouds. Giant flakes fell onto my face, sticking to my eyelashes and
cheeks. Snow blew unhindered across the yard into what looked like small tornadoes.


Oh God. It’s happening again. The frigid air. The creaking of the treetops beneath the wind. Even the way the snow blew across the yard.


I only had one more feeder. Just needed to toss the seeds in then I could leave. Be safe.


The pond water rippled, while the trees bent beneath the strong gusts. Soon, everything became so white I couldn’t see the house. In the distance a strange tinkling sounded, like dozens of wind chimes.


What had the shrink told me to do?


Ten, nine, eight. Breathe. Seven, six, five. Shit!


Panic stole my thoughts. I backed away from the pond as the flurries swirled toward me. Chasing me.


Then, I bumped into something—something that felt quite human. A firm chest, arms, hands. Not something, someone. A shriek tumbled from my lips and I spun around to face my captor.


“It’s okay. I won’t hurt you,” a soft masculine voice said, pale hands clinging to my arms as he kept me from falling.


My gaze followed those long fingers, up black leather sleeves, to the most gorgeous face I’d ever seen. My breath caught in my throat. I’m gawking. But I couldn’t help it. His raven hair shot with strands of blue, his face pale and perfect, like an ice sculptor had chiseled it into
existence. His eyes—oh God, his eyes. They were the palest blue I’d ever seen. Glacial. He had to be over six feet tall, muscles evident through the tight shirt he wore beneath an unzipped jacket.


His mouth turned up at the corners as if enjoying my scrutiny. A cocky grin that made my cheeks warm.


“You’re trespassing.” I tried to keep the tremble from my voice. “This is private property, or can’t you read the signs?” Bravo, that’s right, scare him off with your bitchiness.


He chuckled. And it sounded like the low song of the chimes. “Doris doesn’t mind me coming around. In fact, I’ve met you before, Salome.”


My name on his lips made my knees go buttery. I groaned inwardly.


“You know my grandma?” I fidgeted with the bucket still in hand.


He gave a nod. “Yeah, I’ve known her for years. But I haven’t seen you since you were a child.”


Warning bells went off in my mind, but I pushed them aside. If he knew my grandma, then he must be okay. “Funny, I don’t remember you at all.”


“Don’t you, Salome?” Strands of my hair blew about my face. He reached a hand out as if to touch them then stopped, dropping his arms back to his side.


“No. Grandma’s never mentioned you.”


He gave me another cocky grin. “Well then, maybe we should be reacquainted.”


“Or maybe not.” I snorted. “I’m not sure how you got on the property, Grandma keeps all the gates locked.”


He produced an antique-looking skeleton key. “She gave me this. Like I said, Doris has known me for a long time.”


“I’m sorry. I’m not trying to be a jerk or anything, it’s just my grandma never mentioned I’d have visitors.” In fact, I wondered why she didn’t ask this guy to watch her house instead of me.


The arrogance left his face and he stared at me. “Perhaps, we can try this again.” He held his hand out to me. “I’m Nevin.”




Rebekah was born and raised in Michigan (just look for the mitten-shaped state on the map). She’s lived there most of her life other than the few years she spent in the U.S. Army.  At which time she got a chance to experience MO, KS, SC, and CA.

She works full time for the court system and in her free time she writes YA stories. Pretty much any genre within the YA realm is game for her, but her favorites are fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, thrillers, light sci-fi, and some time travel.

She also has a big family–she like to considers them the modern day Brady Bunch. When her hubby and her met and got married, he had 3 children from a previous marriage, she had 2 and  have 1 together. It’s a lot of fun though.

And she can’t forget her other family members–yep, they’ve got some pets: 4 dogs, 3 cats,  and 1 turtle. Everyone in the family has one…she won’t bore you all with their names (unless you really want to know). Okay, you talked her into it! Jack, Pearl, Grr…(yes that’s her dog’s name), Callie, Shadow, Mooshoo, Grouchy, and Sorbert. Other than writing some of her other hobbies include: reading (mostly YA of course), singing, swimming, football, soccer, running, camping, sledding, church, hanging with her kids, and traveling. She belong to a fabulous writing group called YA Fiction Fantatics (YAFF) and you guessed it they all write YA!

by Jennifer Mishler and Frances Black of Literary Counsel.

And that’s her in a big ‘ol nutshell.

Giveaway Details:

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of LEGEND OF ME International

1 eARC
of THE WINTER PEOPLE International

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Release Day Blitz: Asking For Trouble by Tessa Bailey

The Queen of Dirty Talking is back! Whether this is your first experience with Tessa Bailey’s dirty talking heroes or you’ve been following her all along, you don’t want to miss out on meeting Brent and Hayden. Their banter is witty, filled with sexual tension, and the sex itself is “fan-your-face” hot, according to an early review from USA Today Happily Ever After.

Here’s a dirty talking snippet just for you guys:

He leaned forward and spoke right against her ear. “Come for me right now and I’ll let you ride me as hard as you want later. I know what gets you off. I saw it in your eyes last night. You want to throw me down and fuck me, duchess? Good. I’m in the mood to let you.”

Now you see why she’s been dubbed the Queen of Dirty Talking!


About Asking for Trouble


Brent Mason and Hayden Winstead can't stand each other. She plans exclusive parties for her rich family’s charities. He’s a rough and tumble cop who rigs explosives for a living. Could two people be any less suited for conversation? They think not and prefer to keep it that way.

Unfortunately, their two best friends are deeply, disgustingly in love. Forced together, the mutual attraction simmering beneath the surface of Brent and Hayden’s non-relationship grows with every argument until it explodes into a scintillating night of mind-blowing sex. And it won’t be the last, as far as Brent’s concerned.

Hayden has a secret, though. Her father’s company is relying on a merger to save them from financial ruin, and only Hayden’s marriage to the CEO’s wealthy son can secure the deal. If she’s to protect her family, she’ll have to forget Brent. And he has no intention of being forgotten.

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iTunes | Kobo

In celebration of her new release, Tessa Bailey’s first book Protecting What’s His is on sale for only ¢99 for two full weeks! (11/24 - 12/7) Just in time to gift it to everyone who appreciates a dirty talker.


About Protecting What’s His


She’s running from the law, and the law wants her bad.

The opportunity was just too damn delicious for Ginger Peet to pass up. The purse full of money she finds—$50,000 to be exact—could give her and her teen sister the new start they need. So she grabs the cash, her gothy sibling, and their life-sized statue of Dolly Parton, and blows outta Nashville in a cloud of dust. Chicago, here we come...

Turns out, Chicago has some pretty hot cops. Hot, intense, naughty-lookin’ cops like Derek Tyler, who looks like he could eat a girl up and leave her begging for more. And more. Tempting as he is, getting involved with the sexy homicide lieutenant next door poses a teensy problem for a gal who’s on the lam. But one thing is certain—Derek’s onto her, and he wants more than just a taste.

And as far as he’s concerned, possession is nine-tenths of the law.

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iTunes | Kobo


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I'm Gonna Be Published (soon)!

It's overwhelming and unimaginable! I still can't believe it! Now I know how it feels like for authors whose works get published. It's like an electrical charge and you just don't want it to stop!

I signed up as a trainee writer for Bookworms Realm Digital Publishing (you can visit their site here) and they are pretty awesome ladies who would help and mold you into a better writer. I chatted with the CEO (Ms. Kaye Cee) and gave her a few chapters of my novel, and lo and behold! You might see my book in National Bookstore by 2014!

I'm still writing but I'm hoping I'll be done by the end of December.  2014 you are my year!


Here's the summary of my book, We Who Love:

Isabella would rather be called Ling. She's eighteen-years-old and lives in the far rural areas of the urbanized city of Davao, Philippines. Her mother and younger sister left her and her Papa ten years ago, and she's looking for the woman who tore her family apart, the same woman whom she was named after by her Papa, Marco.

Isabella was Joshua's mother's name. Joshua's twenty-three-years-old and lives near the downtown area of Davao City. His mother was a bitch and she deserved to die. Too bad she died by her own hand and not his. He has questions though, a lot of them, and Marco, his mother's ex-lover, might just be the only person who can give him the right answers. Problem is: he doesn't know where Marco is.

Two young people forced together by hate, vengeance, questions, and closure. They plummet into the most unconventional and hardest ways of falling in love. When love is the only certain thing they have left, an explosive secret could probably tear these two apart. 

The terrible truth of their parents' past might just bite Ling and Joshua harder than they could expect.


And here's a snippet of chapter 10: 

“Hey,” Bianca called.

I snapped my eyes to her. “What?”

She grazed her tongue around her lips and gave me a good view of her breasts. “How about a threesome next time? I'm sure Alicia would like it.”

I chuckled. “Babe, I don't want to be your booty call.”

“Then, call me if you want me to be your booty call,” she said, biting her bottom lip and wiggling her brows. I wondered if she was trying to be a porn star in some lame, homemade porn movie. Because if she was, she succeeded in giving me a boner.


Book Tour: Review + Giveaway: Run for the Roses by Rachel Schieffelbein

run for the roses tour banner

18281014Title: Run for the Roses

Author: Rachel Schieffelbein

Release Date: November 2013

Summary: Abigail Conrad has spent her whole life training for one goal: to win the roses at the Arabian Youth Nationals. She’s given up friends, a social life, and doesn’t have time to even think about guys -- much less date!

Now that she’s headed off to college in the fall, it’s her last chance to be a Youth National Champion, and she won’t let anything distract her from that dream.

Except maybe Chase, the older brother of Abigail's biggest rival. He’s charming, funny, and possibly Abigail's biggest problem. How can she focus on riding when her mind keeps wandering to Chase’s green eyes and confident smile?

With her dream on the line, Abigail had better learn to fight her growing attraction to Chase, or she might end up losing the roses and the guy.




 A very easy to read, young adult, romance novel with enough "kilig" (or that mushy, jelly-o feeling you get when you see/read a sweet scene) factor to keep you reading from page 1 to the very last. Run for the Roses was indeed sweet but lacks a bit of the "wow" factor. There's no bomb to stop your heart from beating or keep you from breathing. Everything about the book is right in front of you. No crevices, twists, or  turns you'll have to think or figure out  about.

Run for the Roses lacks shine or luster to really catch my eye or make the read memorable for me. It was kind of flat with little to no real action, at all. But I always do have a soft spot for nice guys, who may be a little cocky but do have big hearts. Chase had enough arrogance to label him as a bad boy (sort of) and a good heart to make girls melt. By the way, he's as hot as Zac Efron (or maybe hotter).

Again, this book is really quite easy to read. It's a light, love story; one I really needed after a week of killing myself with deep, dark, disturbing novels.




rachel run for roses

Rachel grew up in a tiny town in Minnesota. She still lives there, with her husband and their four kids. She coaches high school speech and theater, rides Arabian horses, reads as much as she can, and writes stories.



1 - $10 iTunes Gift Card & ebook of Run For the Roses (INT)

3 – ebook of Run For the Roses (INT)

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