Review Request/Policies

Want an honest review? Then let me give it to you! *cue string quartet*

Please be noted that I am not a professional book reviewer. It just so happens I love to read books and I always have something to say about them. All of my reviews and ratings are honest. I love love love love indie authors and books! Although I read books of different genres, Raizza's Book Blogging Adventure focuses on Young Adult (YA) and New Adult (NA) novels and novellas. I review the following YA/NA genres: fantasy, contemporary, romance, paranormal (and combinations of any of the four). Please give me two to three weeks to read then post my review. I have a pile of books to read and review, and may just decline your request if you only give me a week. DNF (did not finish) books won't be posted and I will, instead, post a promo post if you have provided a media press kit.

I also post giveaway contests, author interviews, character interviews, and cover reveals. But please do:

1. Give me an exact date when I should post my review.

2.  Give a copy of your book (ebook or print).

3. Give a media press kit, and any links available to help promote your book.

If you would like me to help you with anything I've mentioned above (reviews, giveaway contests post, interviews, etc.) , then drop me a message to, or you may just want to fill out the request form.

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