Friday, December 6, 2013

Switched by Cassie Mae

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Oh my frakking Norse gods! This book was a roller coaster ride, spinning in a tornado! It was funny, sweet, delicious, and exciting! From the first page to the very last I was smiling and grinning and biting my lips. My toes kept on curling while I anticipated for that awesome, explosive kiss scene that would knock Wesley and Kayla to their senses that they belong together!

I think the Cardigan's song Lovefool fits this book perfectly.

One of the reasons why I gave this book 4 stars is Wesley. Oh Wesley, you made me swoon and look for an actor who had a dimple like yours (because the actors I'm crushing on don't fit you or give you justice). And I have two reasons why this book isn't a five: one, this reminded me a bit of the first 2 episodes of Lovely Complex (an anime). Girl falls for guy's friend. Guy falls for girl's friend. They make a plan to get the people they like to like them back, and etc. Two, Kayla leaned a little on the annoying-whining-girl side. But I just like to think that's her flaw and there are other reasons why you should love her!




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  1. Thank you for this review, love! (And I love the nerdy reference right off the bat ;))