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Luminosity by Stephanie Thomas (Author Interview!)

Luminosity (Raven Chronicles #1)

Goodreads summary: Beatrice, whose Visions are clearer than those of the other Seers, trains to defend the Institution and the City from the Dreamcatchers. As the City prepares for an invasion, a Dreamcatcher named Echo tells Beatrice that war is imminent, and they must save each other in order to survive. Beatrice keeps this information from her best friend, Gabe, jeopardizing her allegiance to him and the Seers. Now, threatened by both the Seers and the Dreamcatchers, Beatrice must learn who she can trust, and make decisions that may cause her to lose Gabe or Echo forever.

This book is just...

I want a copy. NOW!

The Author

Stephanie Thomas has been writing ever since she could put letters together to form words. When she was a small child, she would present her mother and father with self-made newspapers filled up with make believe stories and pictures. Her love for writing followed her all throughout her schooling, where she entered and won writing contests of all sorts. Stephanie decided to become an English teacher and completed her B.A. at The Pennsylvania State University. While teaching, she later went on to get her Master’s in writing from The Johns Hopkins University. She completed her very first manuscript during her graduate studies, and by the end of the program, she had completed two more.

Stephanie is quick to tell anyone that she’s a born and raised Philadelphian, and her heart will always belong there. She moved to Baltimore with her husband, and they’ve been living there for the last five years with their doggie, Sailor, and their rabbit, Buns (aka “T Sizzle")

Check out her site to see her books and how to contact her: I am so going to contact her publicist to get an ARC of her book! *crosses fingers*

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Stephanie Thomas is, for sure, awesome! When I read the summary of Luminosity, I just had to interview the author of said book. Awesome book = awesome author!

To the interview!

Tell us a little about yourself.

Hrm, let’s see. I am pretty awesome, first off. Second off, I am pretty awesome…but for real! I am a full time English teacher who loveslovesloves to write. I’ve been writing ever since I knew how to spell words, and I haven’t stopped since. I love dumb, small, stupid things, so my office is filled with little knickknacks, like miniature crochet whales, zombies and my pet bunny rabbit, Buns. I have a husband, and we are the proud parents of our doggie, Sailor.

What inspired you to write the Raven Chronicles?

My students, for sure. I remember sitting there during our silent sustained reading time and watching one of my students read a book that looked dark and gloomy. She always read dark and gloomy things with beautiful covers. It was then that I thought to myself, “Hey, Self? You are going to write a book that your students will want to read.” So, I went home and started to write LUMINOSITY. It was completely different than what I’d been writing before, and it came so naturally that I couldn’t stop once I started. It only took me four months to write the manuscript. It was a blast to create.

Would you give us a little Luminosity teaser?

I can share the first paragraph of the book with you, which is actually part of the blurb on Goodreads!

 My name is Beatrice. When I was born, I was blessed with the Sight. I was immediately removed from my parents and enrolled in the Institution. At the age of twelve, I had my first true vision, earning my raven’s wings. And when I turned seventeen, one of my visions came true. Things haven’t been the same since.

Authors who inspired you?

I’ve been inspired by George R.R. Martin. I started to read his books when I was in high school, and it was the first time I felt like a book swallowed me up and took me over. I was so invested in all of his characters that I couldn’t stop reading. And now, to see his books turned into a HBO series…it’s like the ultimate dream of an author. I always wanted to see my characters come alive. I can’t imagine how it must feel.

Advice or tips for aspiring authors?

My advice for aspiring authors would be to stick to it. If you are going to sit down and write a novel, then make yourself sit down and write the novel. Come up with a game plan. Commit. My friend and fellow writer, Stephanie Dray, got me into the habit of writing 2,000 words a day when I told her I wanted to write my first novel. She pushed me to stop looking at it as a hobby and to start calling myself a writer. An author. A novelist. It’s a long, hard road, but it is so worth it in the end. Every time I finish a manuscript, I feel like I’m on top of the world.
Do you like going to the dentist?

Heck no. I hate the dentist. But unfortunately, I have to go in every three months, so I am used to it by now. This is random of me, but just recently, I had my first root canal done, and it was totally not fun at all. I don’t recommend doing it on your off days.

Favorite vampire novel?

This might be a bit blasphemous…but I detest vampire books. If I was forced to read a vampire book, it would be by Anne Rice, because I think that she’s the originator of the vampire craze, and a great writer. But other than that…no…no vampires.

Your own real-life love story?

My own love story? I’d have to say meeting my husband is definitely my love story. I just came out of a long-term relationship and my husband ended up being my support as I tried to get over the break-up. He was afraid to ask me out because we lived three hours away from each other at the time, but I remember the exact moment when he finally got the guts to do it. We were just coming back from South Street in Philadelphia with a group of friends, and we were holding hands and chatting it up, and he turned to me and said, “Do you want to start dating?” It was July 25th. The rest was history. We dated for five years, then he proposed. We’ve been together for eight years total now, married for a year and a half. He’s my everything.


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